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Stock Photography from some of our Contributors

Why online stock photography?

There are lots of libraries out there. We tried as many as we could and realised that there are so many ways to offer better, leaner solutions that we decided to get on and build the kind of stock image library we would want to use - as photographers! The reason that upixa exists is simply because we believe that photographers can control their own collections best.

We want to make selling stock as quick, convenient and easy as possible. Stock libraries usually have lumpy and complex "approvals" processes whereby a contributing photographer's work may not appear online for days or weeks after submission, minimum size requirements may be stringent and there may be no guarantee of inclusion. They may require contributors to send in CDs or DVDs with their digital images, and then may reject a whole batch because of one faulty image. Upixa doesn't work like that. With upixa, prospective contributors register and upload sample stock photos from their portfolio for appraisal. Once these have been checked and approved, usually within 24 hours, an Approved Contributor account is awarded with a 2500 image initial upload limit. The difference with upixa being that once a contributor has been awarded approved status, they can upload from their web browser or via FTP and publish for sale to the world any images they wish: within minutes!

To our knowledge, no other commercial royalty-free photo library offers this level of service and trust to its contributors. Upixa's intention is to also provide more meaningful image pricing. While inexpensive by industry standards, we believe that our pricing means a reasonable return is possible to the contributing photographers, while still being genuinely good value to buyers and users of stock photography and art. We are set up as a commercial photographic library rather than a subscription-based community image sharing resource. In the context of the expenses involved with most print or web jobs, upixa images are very good value.

What also sets upixa apart is that Contributors can upload digital photography from as small as 2 megapixels upwards: just because an image is only 1600 x 1200 pixels doesn't mean it has no value as stock. Good quality lower resolution images can be ideal for postcards, CD covers, web pages and thousands of other uses. With upixa these images can also be included and made available for sale.

Top Stock Contributors

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