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Upixa corporate solutions for photo library management

Like our technology?

Upixa is unique. Developed from the ground up to be rocket fast and simple to use. The Upixa engine uses custom-built technology with no third-party licensed or commercially-available routines. This independence makes it secure, lean and highly flexible.

Upixa is modular and totally scaleable, thoroughly automated with distributed resource allocation capable of handling up to 80 billion photos or other images without significant modification.

If your company is like many SMEs, you may recognise some of the issues:

  • Images scattered over a number of PCs, laptops, servers and backups
  • Lack of centralised image management system
  • Reliance on slow, out-dated or otherwise unsuitable image library photo storage solution
  • Lost time, workflow interruption caused by hunting for, or needing to shoot again, missing high-res photographs
  • Issues with compatibility and accessibility for all required personnel
  • Confusion over image versions and updates of key photographic content
  • Available digital asset management solutions appear costly and inflexible
  • Image library maintenance diverts staff and resources from core tasks

If any of the above seem familiar, we can help. If you may be interested in discussing a solution, get in touch.

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